Lifa  Air

Ventilation Hygiene

Lifa Air has gathered the top engineers to create products that will help keep ventilation clean. Our products are designed to clean exhaust ducts, HVAC and air condition units, both circular and rectangular.

Lifa Air innovates upon development and research, which ensures that your ventilation system remains clean and contaminate free. One result of our research has lead to development of the Lifa Air DuctControl Mini. This product is a remote-controlled video camera robot that surveys cleaning needs and checks the quality of cleaning afterwards.

The two most important tools for ventilation hygiene are brushing equipment and dust collecting equipment.


Lifa Air’s brushes are easy to use for round and rectangular duct systems.
Our machines come in various sizes to fit the strength and length you need.
For those that want complete control over their cleaning apparatuses,
these machines come with accessories such as different brushes and
attachable cameras so you can observe your cleaning.

Small(residental houses,office,etc)
Medium(Offices,schools hospitals,etc)
Big(Industrial building)

Duct Inspection Cameras and Tools


Lifa Air’s negative pressure vacuum and air cleaner units are designed for construction, renovation and restoration ventilation cleaning. The machines are suitable for handling dry air containing asbestos, quartz, hardwood, mineral wool, microorganisms, mold and fungus spores. Our air cleaners are portable and quiet, allowing them to be used in small and cramped spaces.

Hepa Clean Series
For Removing Hazardous Airborne Agents