Minimise the risk of fires in your kitchen by keeping your kitchen exhaust fan cleaning and degreasing service. On completion we provide full certification and reports for you to demonstrate to your insurers. With out certification and reports you can proof job has been done right.
Our kitchen exhaust system cleaning services as Australian Standards AS1851.6-2012 & B8.1 Building Regulations 2012.

Cleaning process:
The principal kitchen exhaust fan cleaning framework is disintegrated clean; now and then digging isn’t vital if the fat evacuation framework has been appropriately kept up with synthetic substances and boiling water, at that point washed with safe harsh synthetic concoctions and high temp water weight washing which permits to gather fat and water broke up securely. Rules for cleaning of real business kitchen exhaust frameworks are depicted in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The recurrence of cleaning relies upon the sort of prepared sustenance and the volume of oil loaded steam made through the plenum hood to do kitchen exhaust fan cleaning . For instance, a congregation may require less administration interims since they can just utilize the framework 10 times each year; However, the congregation not far off will require more since they have a browned fish Friday night consistently. A run of the mill cleaning interim is month to month, at regular intervals, quarterly, half yearly and yearly.